Salesforce and SugarCRM Outlook Integration

A New Paradigm for Interacting with SugarCRM & Salesforce
Perform all your Daily CRM Work without leaving Outlook

Serious Outlook Integration for serious Outlook users

Watch a quick video to see how Implicit FrontEnd Outlook Integration with SugarCRM & Salesforce will significantly increase your sales team’s productivity


Supports SugarCRM Commercial, SugarCE Community Edition and SuiteCRM


Improve Productivity and User Adoption

Your sales people’s productivity will soar when all the CRM data and functionality is accessible to them as they communicate with their customers via Outlook.

Ease of use, familiarity and the simple integration of CRM activities as a natural extension to users’ daily use of Outlook, dramatically improves user adoption and CRM utilization with minimal effort.

  • As a financial service provider, we operate in a heavily regulated environment, and thus it is of paramount importance that we track and retain all correspondence with customers. Implicit enables us not only to archive all of the email correspondence, most of it automatically, but also to function almost as if our CRM and Outlook are one system. It has made an immediate impact on our productivity and efficiency.

    Alan Mock

    Manager, Recordkeeping Services

    - Envoy Financial

    Envoy Financial
  • The connectivity and synergy between SugarCRM and Implicit FrontEnd is about as good as one could ask for... If you’re a company using SugarCRM, FrontEnd is an absolute must-have...10/10 customer service.

    Freddy Jreisat

    Travel Account Manager

    - United Military Travel

    United Military Travel
  • Our sales reps required access to SugarCRM functionality when offline and Implicit FrontEnd Outlook integration easily met that requirement... Implicit FrontEnd has proven to be a smart, simple and affordable solution.

    Joe Galasso

    Director, Business Development

    - DealerDOCX

  • I liked the flexibility of defining sync items and of course the possibility to create and update my leads and opportunities within Outlook and archiving emails and other documents either automatically or manually. More than 50 % savings in time when there is no need to switch all the time between Outlook and SuiteCRM. FrontEnd Outlook plugin works well and the company has a great support as well.

    Esko Kemiläinen


    - Estelina Oy


Try our new SugarCRM - Office 365 integration for Mac & mobile users

  • Email pane - instantly view all related CRM information
  • View, edit or create new CRM records right from within your Office 365 inbox on any device
  • Archive emails and attachments to SugarCRM with a single click
  • Annotate emails and save annotations as notes in SugarCRM


Two Pronged Integration - Access Outlook from Web Browser

Access Outlook’s email and calendaring functionality as you are working with your CRM via your Web browser. Learn more.

Web Browser Outlook

Client-side or Server-side Integration?

It's up to you!

Choose the Outlook Integration if you use Outlook extensively on a daily basis to communicate with your customers and prefer to do all your CRM work from within Outlook

Choose the Exchange Integration if you prefer a simple, easy to use, seamless integration that syncs your contacts, calendar, tasks and emails between the CRM and Exchange